Friday, April 19, 2013

24 Things That Make No Sense

There are no bounds to the length of depravity that we will go for a thrill. Luckily the world is littered with sure bountiful opportunities. In some places at some times other even create set out thrills for others to join and participate in. this can be known as an event.

After many simper events one can grow accustomed to the burn of it all and a new challenge is required. The variation is wide from trickier, more dangers, more stupid or just longer. As the general participants meet the challengers new ones are created. And on and on till you reach something of barrier of human spirit. An event that so completely drains you of will and going further can make participants cry.

So after many 24 hour solo mountain bike races and tears I am just dying to get back into the seat groove of grovel.

This time though I have the bikes, two mighty carbon Santa Cruz’s. And one soon to be red eyed mechanic who we will know as Owen. So physical prep is as good as it gets. Training wise I have been off a bit because my focus lies much further into this year. But I will be falling back on many years of abusing my body in strange ways to get though.

A recent ride home from New Plymouth went pretty well. The only set back been a ride ending puncture thanks to plate glass on highway 1 just north of Waikanae. So this weekend is a big test session for the fitness.

Who knows how things will go, as many have said ‘people in glass houses should be in Rome.’ Skids will be done and my biggest concern is that they might tape off the jumps on Old Chev.  

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Oli said...

Get some, broseph.